Written In Red

Words & Music by Louise Taylor
© 2000 Louise Taylor/Blue Coyote (BMI)
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

It's closing time, closing time
written in red
on a neon sign
flashing above my head
can't hold on to nothing
can't even feel the pain
when the morphine itches up
through my veins, through my veins

It's a rush, it's a rush
when I finally speak my mind
with a slow start
then a frenzied unwind
pulling nobody's bluff
nobody's blind
is my bitter gush
a match for your turpentine, your turpentine

It's a bar room brawl, bar room brawl
all fists and blood
take it out onto the streets
see who finally gives up
we can stare across at each other
with our new toothless grin
and remember it's lie for lie,
hurt for hurt, sin for sin

So taste the sweet, the sweet
blood of forgiveness
and lay our tired love
to its' final rest

Cause it's closing time,
closing time,
written in red

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