Only the Wind

Words & Music by Louise Taylor
© 2003 Louise Taylor/Blue Coyote (BMI)
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

don't be fooled, you're just deep in a dream
temptingly real, disturbing your sleep
when you wake to your ordinary state
it wasn't me, only a dream

don't look for the ground, it's no longer down
your head in the sand, your feet off in the clouds
look for the sun on the vertical horizon
it wasn't me, it wasn't me

only one truth, printed in matte
only one world, decidedly flat
only one real, as white as white
as black as black and that's a fact

don't be afraid, it's only the wind
teasing your soul, making you reckless again
when the storm subsides and the feelings have died
it wasn't me, only the wind

don't be afraid, it's only the wind

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