My Dove

Words & Music by Louise Taylor
© 2000 Louise Taylor/Blue Coyote (BMI)
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Ah my dove, my dove
my wild bird of peace
fly with me from yonder tree
and we'll find us sweet release

I met him on the mountain
with the birds singing hal le lu
and he offered me a piece of land
and a wee slice of the moon

So we married in the summer
though I scarcely knew his name
but he seemed to be a kind man
as steady as the driving rain

Ah but soon the rain stopped blowin'
and the blush fell from my cheeks
and he paid me no mind at all
and I dried there like a twig

And my golden band of promise
grew tighter than a noose
and the bird was tied
to the hanging tree
though I longed to cut her loose


Now she's swinging in the branches
and she's kicking towards the sky
high and free in a handsome tree
where she kissed him his first goodbye


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