Muddy Hudson

Words & Music by Louise Taylor
© 2003 Louise Taylor/Blue Coyote (BMI)
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

I'll just let myself out here thanks for the ride
take a midnight stroll under this stop sign
there's a miracle of stars out above the Jersey City sign
muddy Hudson slides on by

'course I care that's what keeps me wanting

you keep talking, I'll just set the receiver down beside me
funny your voice seems small thin as air
sirens loop the neighborhood, must be 100 degrees
agoraphobic at the windows edge
children laughing down in the street

let's lay down, call it a truce
show some love between the folds of the truth
light a candle for every heartbeat
lean into the fountain, take a long drink

'course I care that's what keeps me wanting
wanting, breathing

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