Blue Norther

Words & Music by Louise Taylor
© 1997 Louise Taylor/Blue Coyote (BMI)
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

The waves roll off the tip of the tongue of South Padre Island
like they had something to say to this flea-bit Texas town
where a Blue Norther can blow in like it was here to stay
tie those fishing boats down

The boys hole up at the cantina
I serve them Huevos Rancheros rolled up in a tortilla
where a man can drink coffee all day for a buck fifty-six
and a girl can pour her life away for a quarter tip... waiting on a
      Blue Norther rolling in
      Blue Norther blowing rain

I gave one of my earrings to a shrimper named Ray
pure gold in his curly brown hair
and we moved into the trailer park, number 99
with Snake and Frenchy and Claire

The boys will be gone working ninety days of hard time at sea
they'll come home, their pants loaded with cash
and under each arm a box of shrimp
and they'll blow all their dough in one hot night
of buying rounds and kicking ass and loving their women
waiting on a Blue Norther

      This Northern girl's doing all right
      serving beans and rice till twilight
      when a storm blows in like a good cry
      I'm up North again

Ray says this is his last stop at the end of the earth
he been running and running till he run out of solid ground
and it's the Sea Squaw and her drag nets or jail
both prison, both can pull a good man down

I roll my quarters and safe for the day
I can rent a small efficiency down by the bay
with a swinging screen door and a cool concrete floor
where a Yankee girl can lie down on a hot Texas day
waiting on a Blue Norther

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